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Сложность: Medium
Подчинение: Chief Medical Officer, Commander/Executive Officer
Обязанности: .Research and Develop, inspect any xenobiological elements given to you by Marines. Make chemicals.
Руководства: Guide to Research, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Paperwork

"I wish you could understand what we're trying to do here. The potential for this species goes way beyond urban pacification. New alloys, new vaccines. Nothing like this we've ever seen on any world before." ―Dr. Wren, Alien Resurrection

Researcher in it's current state is a Rp heavy role as it lacks research machines.

Note that currently the researcher is also under going a rework so the job is currently barebones.


The better name for this job might be "mad scientist" or "jack of all trades". In general, your job is to research and develop new technology in the science lab and study anything xenobiological. Past that, this role can be very open-ended and can be played in several ways. It's unclear whether the Researchers are MDs or PhDs, but it's doubtful anybody will get upset at you for knowing and practising medicine. Unless you're trying to interact and be helpful, it's very possible that no one will pay attention to you at all - but please don't blow the ship up or harm the crew. The Researcher is a good "swing role" to help out an over-burdened medical team or assist other departments.

When dealing with Xenomorphs, this role demands a high level of roleplay. Roleplay doesn’t include:

  • “Yeah, well it makes you a host for xenomorphs.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve seen this before.”
  • “They’re hostile. Kill them all. Don’t worry, I can tell.”
  • “Just jam it in the cage and forget it exists.”

All variations of this are also pretty horrible, so don’t do it, okay?

Guide to Chemistry[править]

The guide to chemistry can be found here


  • Autolathe 2 large beakers (Buckets also work)
  • Protolathe 1 Large Chem Grenade (it holds 2 beakers)
  • Grab 2 remote signallers and 1 igniter from an Autolathe
  • Put potassium in one large beaker using the chem dispenser (Click it in your hand to use a lid)
  • Put an equal amount of water into the other beaker using the sinks downstairs in the operating rooms (while moving using ladders do not hold open beakers in your hands, the contents will spill)
  • Place both containers into the Large Chem Grenade shell by clicking on the shell with the beaker in your active hand
  • Use a screwdriver (from Autolathe or a toolbox) on the igniter to make it ready to attach
  • Set both signallers to the same frequency and same code. DO NOT use the defaults since someone will probably send signals for fun and end up triggering your grenade at a bad time. If you use a signaller now, the other should *beep, beep*.
  • Use a screwdriver on one signaller until it's ready to attach
  • Attach that signaller to the igniter; use the screwdriver on that assembly to make it "ready"
  • If you put the ready signaller-igniter assembly on the ground and use the other signaller, the assembly should spark
  • Add the ready signaller-igniter assembly to the Large Chemical Grenade by clicking on it
  • Use the screwdriver to ready the grenade (it should turn green)
  • Use the hand labeller to name the detonator and grenade the same thing
  • DO NOT send the signal unless you want to breach R&D like an idiot. Give it to a competent marine.

60 units of each potassium and water is a medium boom. 90 units of each is a serious bang.

Try out different mixes of chemicals. Just remember that certain combinations will instantly react and should not be allowed in the same beaker. For instance, if you filled one beaker with 60u potassium and tried to add 60u of water, it'll blow up in your face.

The igniter can also be combined with other things, like the timer, the proximity sensor, or the infrared laser.

  • TIMER: Set the parameters on the timer before inserting the timer assembly into the grenade shell. When the grenade is fully assembled, you'll have to click the grenade one more time to prime it and start the timer's program.
  • PROXIMITY SENSOR: Set the parameters on the proximity sensor before inserting its assembly into the grenade shell. When the grenade is fully assembled, you'll have to click the grenade one more time to prime it and start the proximity sensor's program. It's also useful as a doorbell or early Xeno warning.
  • IR LASER: Before attaching it to anything else, rotate the IR laser to your desired direction by clicking on it. One way to use the laser is to attach it to a signaller to detonate a grenade. It's also useful as a doorbell or early Xeno warning.

Your Skillset[править]

Файл:Doctor skill set.png

To find out about how the skill system works head over to the skills system page.

Research updates[править]

January 11 2018 Spookydonut updated: Humans can now plant eggs in the containment cells in research.

Not in game updates[править]

30 August 2016 Apophis775 updated: RESEARCH UPDATE PART 1

  1. New Functionality: Organize Analyzer - The Analyzer will break down one of the items you get from using the Corporate Brand Autopsy Tool (it's is in research on one of the tables) to give you level 9 In "Bioscience" which is alien technology. This will let you make special items with the BioPrinter.
  2. New Machine: BioPrinter - Load it with parts from Alien Autopsies and you can then use the Research Computer to print some of the new research items
  3. New Item: Anti-Acid Spray - Spray just about any item in the game (except walls and doors) to make it unacidable. This means BARRICADES AND GIRDERS. Remember though, there are other ways to break griders still.
  4. New Item: Resin Paste - Use this on a helmet that's been huggered off someone to repair it. Expect a new sprite for "repair" helmets in a day or so.
  5. New Item: Chitin Plate - Add this to your armor to GREATLY increase protection. Be warned that it WILL slow you down.