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This page will detail what information or knowledge roles are expected to know, or not know, at round start.


  • All Marines and personnel aboard the Almayer know nothing about the alien infestation, or even that Aliens exist. All they know is that they received a distress signal from a colony, and that contact was lost. It can be inferred that they will meet a hostile force.
  • All Marines as well as the Almayer crew are able-bodied. Meaning USCM won't enlist someone to the Marines who are not crippled or mentally damaged.
  • Survivors may ONLY share the information your character knows with the Marines. (Until the new knowledge system is implemented, you know the basic life-cycle and that the aliens are "in the east".)
  • Every Marine role in the game have different skills depending on their starting role. For example, while a Chief Medical Doctor is an master in medical services (Such as the knowledge of different types of pills and surgery), they're untrained in building engineering items (They have a limited set of items that can only be built by novice-skilled roles).
  • Specialist weaponry (Including the B18 armor) can only be used by the Specialist role. As they're trained in Heavy Weaponry. However, other Specialists do NOT know how to use other Specialist weapons besides their own weapon and equipment.
  • The M56 handheld Smartgun can only be used by the Smartgunner, PMC Smartgunner and the Commander. As all of them are trained in the usage of a Smartgun. The M56D mounted Smartgun can be used by many other roles.
  • Combat Medics and Researchers do not know how to preform surgery, only Medical Doctors or the Chief Medical Officer know how to perform surgery.
  • Marines DO NOT initially know what facehuggers do. However a Medical scan can confirm that a unknown biological parasite is inside a victim of a facehugger, and that logic dictates that it should be removed or examined at the earliest possible chance.
  • Marines also DO NOT know about alien vent-crawling. If the marines start to see aliens using the vents to crawl around the map and proven they're hostile, they may weld them as soon as possible.
  • Command (CO, XO, Staff Officer), Medical (MD, CMO) and Engineering staff (CE, Maint Tech) on board the Almayer cannot leave the Almayer UNLESS it is to go to a established Forward Operating Base or they are abandoning ship.
  • Only a single Medical Doctor, and a single Maintenance Technician, can go to a established FOB.
  • Military Police and Chief Military Police can not leave the Almayer unless they are doing so to track down a rogue Marine who is not on the Almayer or they are escorting/piloting a Dropship. Military Police and CMPs are expected to return to the Almayer ASAP.


  • Do NOT HARM or kill Marines unless explicit permission is given by the Queen. Ravagers are the exception as they can kill UNINFECTED hosts freely unless the Queen states otherwise.
  • Being given permission to slash a Human does not confer permission to kill Humans. Get the Queen to confirm or deny a kill request.
  • If the Queen dies, all Aliens are free to use lethal force on any prey, beware that you're unable to use the alien Hivemind.
  • You do not know that Marines are coming to the planet. Furthermore you cannot prepare defences on or around the Dropship landing zones prior to the Marines arrival.